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ISDR has held nearly 30 annual conferences in different parts of the country.

The first international conference of the ISDR was on “fluoride and dental health” held in Jan 5-8, 1987 at Madras, Tamilnadu. The proceedings of the conference title “new frontiers in fluoride studies for health” jointly edited by Prof. A.J. Rug-gunn and Prof. M. Rahmatulla were released in 1988.


We have something to be proud of!

The society owes its origin to Dr. M. Rahmatulla, founder president who conceived the formation of the society when he attended the IADR 64th annual session in Dallas, Texas in March 1984. At the instance of the then president of IADR Dr. Robert frank of France, IADR (Indian Division) was conceived at the opening ceremony. The founder set the ball in motion to establish IADR section in INDIA. After 2 years of continuous efforts, finally the convention of the society was held in July 1986 at Hotel Connemara in Madras. The convener Dr. M. Rahmatulla was unanimously elected as the founder president of the IADR Indian Division. Among others, DR. J.G. Kannapan, Dr. P.K. Baskar played a major role in the establishment of the organization.
Initially the name of the society was Indian association for Dental Research, however at the suggestion of the parent body, the nomenclature of the association was changed to Indian society for dental research, which incorporated IADR Indian Division as well. The H.O. permitted the ISDR to charge lower fees giving member status as associate members for those who are unable to pay the annual fees prescribed by the IADR


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We have something to be proud of


We aim to promote advancement of dental research in India. Our annual international conferences highlight cutting-edge research in dentistry


We honor eligible candidates with various awards and ISDR Fellowships, in recognition of their significant achievements in and contributions to dental research.


Our official bimonthy publication Indian Journal of Dental Research (IJDR) publishes scientific papers on well designed and controlled original research involving orodental sciences

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